Skills and Duties of Environment graphic designer

Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) encircles with various fields of designing aspects like Architectural, Industrial, Graphic, Interior, Landscaping design and so. To be frank, EGD related with all the visual aspects that are used for communicating information and identity.

For an Environmental Graphic Designer, the skills and responsibilities should cover a wide range of areas. In addition, EGD demands the designers to be creative flair along with the inclusiveness of discriminating business sense.

Required Skills and Duties of an Environmental Graphic Designer

  • A prolific EGD designer needs to be expertise in the fields like Digital Output, Signage, Graphic Design, Printing Signage, Generating Signage via Computers, Sign-making Process, and so.
  • A Good Environmental Graphic Designer must capable of creating a proper plan for assigned project and posses with the skills of developing the projects according to the given set of instructions from the clients.
  • EGD designer must be well aware of the latest technological tools and applications available in the market on creating/making Signage and Graphic Design. In addition. The designer must possess the knowledge of handling those tools or applications effectively to create designs properly.
  • EGD designers must be proficient in handling the equipment/tools creating Signs and posses the knowledge of making the computer-assisted design. In addition, EGD designer must have the skills of coordinating the design teams to complete the task within the allotted deadline by following the guidelines and quality standards.
  • EGD designers must capable of carrying duties like hand drawings and presenting creative ideas to the team to achieve the goals.
  • EGD designers must have proofreading skills to ensure that creating signage or designs meets the effectiveness and accuracy of the client’s expectation. 

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